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There is very little secret to how Denote Communications got its start.  I had a couple months salary from my game designer job saved up, an opportunity for a contract, a suit that sort of fit, and I’ve written prior on how Denote got it’s name and logo and love talking about it.  Basically, it was with one smartphone alternating between a thesaurus site and a whois look-up for available   Read More ...

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These are tied to my own personal experiences, but I’ve been pondering a few great reasons (in my opinion) why you should take the path of working for yourself.  They are fairly simple and fairly shallow.  These are in no particular order and I’m sure I’m also missing MANY great reasons.  I’d love for people to comment and add them so I can add to the list!   Reason 1   Read More ...

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A few days ago, was contacted by the CBC to comment on the new changes Facebook is going through and how it would affect both business and consumer.  While I’m flattered that I was looked to because of my company, Denote Communications, I couldn’t help but wonder what qualifies as being an expert in this field.  I’m pretty sure we each personally know at least 3 people who tout themselves   Read More ...

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