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The Son of Man

I’m incredibly self-conscious about the way I pronounce a few words and names.  This is mostly because they’re words I’ve read thousands of times and have said in my head just as many, but I’m unsure of how theyare actually pronounced as I’ve rarely, if ever, heard other people use them. Some of them are as follows:

Rene Magritte



Jay Onrait



Yoenis Cespedes


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Last week Mark and I took a trip down to Sydney, Nova Scotia to have a meeting with some Denote Communications clients, friends, and acquaintances.  After meeting our wonderful clients at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, we met up with a few folks.  One of those happened to be old client, and stupendous orator, Cecil Clarke. We got the grand tour of the Sydney Mayor’s office and chatted about what was new and did some catching up.  Congratulations to Cecil on his new position and Sydney is in good hands with him.

Cecil Clarke and Chris Kolmatycki

Cecil Clarke and Chris Kolmatycki in the Mayor’s office in Sydney, NS

Chris Kolmatycki, Cecil Clarke, and Mark Hobbs

Chris Kolmatycki, Cecil Clarke, and Mark Hobbs in the Sydney, NS Mayor’s Office

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Surprisingly, people ask quite often what made me to decide to start my own business.  Depending on how much time I have, and my mood at the time, I give a couple different answers.  One part of the story that remains consistent is “I’m young and if I screw it up, I’ll have plenty of great experience to make up lost ground on the corporate ladder.” The other, bigger, part   Read More ...

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University and Beyond There’s not much to mention about my video gaming life in University. Now in Halifax, I couldn’t very well bring up all my systems (especially in my little dorm room). I had a PS2 that fulfilled my needs throughout my Bachelor of Commerce and it did the trick. A lot of my first year could easily be divided into the 3 games played after dinner. The Star   Read More ...

My Life's Story in Video Games

The Later Earlier Years It was around this time our family upgraded from our old DOS PC to a system capable of running a Windows OS. Not just any Windows OS…Windows 95. I was ballin’ now. Playing Demo CDs pilfered from my uncle’s library, being introduced to the wonders of the Maxis Sim games, making shortcuts of everything so I could change the icons, I was in heaven. I could   Read More ...

My Life's Story in Video Games