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If Wal Mart’s latest abomination makes it off the web and onto my TV set, I’m heading for the hills.  This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

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Love this parody on the flash mob craze (not sure if it’s a craze years after they became popular), but I mean people are going to have to start getting a little bit more original in their mobs than just randomly breaking into dance.  That said, I suppose there’s a giant segment of people who haven’t caught on to the flash mob thing and it’s probably still really effective.  I’m a victim of the bubble I live in.

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Old Spice is going in full effect this Christmas with their MANta Clause campaign.  To be honest, the videos aren’t quite doing it for me, but the idea is awesome.  Check out all the videos and the progress they are making into the campaign.  What do you think?  Always been my dream to do something like this involving a widespread audience at Denote.

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Comments Off on Block Embarrassing Photos From Social Media With Norte Photo Blocker

Awesome ad for Norte Beer to protect us from what we all fear most, evidence of what happened last night.  The thing I actually love most about this is the ability to expand the campaign past this ad and actually develop a product to do this.  These already exist for license plates to stop toll cameras from snapping pics.  Could we not develop like a beer cozy or something made of tin foil?

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Comments Off on O.B. Tampons Apologize for Disappearing in the BEST WAY EVER

Now, as a male, I really didn’t notice that O.B. Tampons were gone from the shelves for some sort of manufacturing update?  I’m no rocket scientist, so I’m not entirely sure what this could have possibly entailed, but whatever.  Anyway, they’re now apparently back here in Canada and to apologize for leaving, they’ve made what I think is the best apology ever, in music video form.  I put my name   Read More ...

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