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A big part of why I haven’t blogged since returning from Toronto way back in 2011 was a result of a combination of things.  The first was my idea to write about my New Year’s resolutions and how I felt they would help bring further growth and success to Denote Communications.  As it stood, a big part of that was going to be changing my diet for the better in the form of cutting out candies and sweets, and only indulging in a few of my sodium-laced loves.  Unfortunately, I also brought back a giant bag of home made of authentic Ukrainian perogies (varenyky) from my Baba (grandmother) and there is no way I was about to give those up.  That set me back a few weeks but by the time I got back in the swing, Mark and I had decided to get aggressive in launching our Boost Platform to help small businesses get an edge on their competition by providing a way to make marketing services affordable.  If you are a business or organization looking to really boost (pun fully intended) your online marketing and turn your web site into a tool to make money, check out Boost and send us an e-mail.

As a result of those efforts and our wonderful PR intern, Lauren, we were able to get the story of our attempts to help local business out there to news outlets and picked up by The Chronicle Herald.  While the article doesn’t reveal the full power of Boost, I love that it focuses on the fact that we provide MEASUREABLE RESULTS on our marketing and social media (more on the launch of Denote Social later…).  As someone who started this company on 2 months salary and a contract for a traditional failure project, measurable results are something incredibly important to me.  Too many people, especially marketing professionals and amateurs, forget that marketing and advertising is an investment.  You need to see a return on investment.  ACTUAL return on investment…sales.  Again, ROI is another rant for another day.  Anyway, we are still dealing with the huge influx of people excited by our ability to provide top quality work, at a fair price, and provide actual measurable reports.

With all that said, when we get finished with speaking with all these excited business owners and organizations, I’ll be happy to report back here!  Until then, if you want to join the crowd and become a market leader, check out Denote, check out Boost, contact me and let’s be successful together!


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