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Took this from the Mashable front page

A few days ago, was contacted by the CBC to comment on the new changes Facebook is going through and how it would affect both business and consumer.  While I’m flattered that I was looked to because of my company, Denote Communications, I couldn’t help but wonder what qualifies as being an expert in this field.  I’m pretty sure we each personally know at least 3 people who tout themselves as Social Media Gurus, Mavens, Ninjas, or some other ‘hip’ term for Expert.  Take a look to your Twitter feed and you’ll likely see even more.  I know I see a handful following me, my advertising agency, or my magazine,  on Twitter on a daily basis.  I often wonder for how many people it is an actual job, or a hobby.

Yes, social media is important for brand recognition, customer loyalty, and creating a meaningful connection with your customers.  I’ve read the Mashable articles that get tweeted at me by would-be Twitter experts and self-proclaimed content DJs…they never end.  With all the articles stating how ad agencies are drastically increasing budgets in social media and reducing in print, you need to be very careful to recognize whether you are the correct type of company that can benefit from social media in a worthwhile manner, or that your company is in the right stage to do this.

The goal is to have an article (or a series) on my beefs with social media over the next week where I can vent more on some people’s blindness.

Do you feel that maybe I’m the blind one?  Do you share my pain?  Comment below and lets have a conversation.  Don’t leave me alone out here.

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  1. Joshua says:

    I agree with you that utilizing social media for advertising will not help all companies, yet the only thing mentioned in the media, and especially in technology centered media, is general claims that social media is changing advertising, and it is necessary for companies to get on it. On a related note, companies forget that advertising on social media is usually not the same as traditional advertising. Most people that watch a company on sites like facebook or twitter feel they already have some investment in the company. They follow to learn more, or beyond the ordinary. If a company sticks to the traditional advertising methods, people with stop following them to reduce the number of advertisements they would see anyway, from some other source.

    Apologies for the rambling Chris. I just worked 4 14 hour days, but this was something I felt I had to comment upon while I was still awake enough to remember.