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This is somewhat of an aside, but I think it’s worth noting because it really struck a chord with me. Manulife Indonesia were gracious enough to be sponsors of Junior Team Canada’s trade mission to Indonesia this year and we were lucky enough (and perhaps gracious enough depending on your confidence level) to learn about their company and operations in Indonesia.  Personally, I found the event amazing.  We were given   Read More ...

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Truly is an amazing city.  The vertical architecture is just so impressive!

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My trip to finally arrive to Jakarta has consisted of 48 hours of travel.  To say that it has been a test of my nerves is an understatement.  In order to catch my flight out of Halifax, I needed to be up to catch the 3:30am shuttle to the airport.  To me, this meant the best solution would be to not sleep and sleep on the flight as I had   Read More ...

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