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I think I’ve finally pinpointed the reason for my lack of blogging.  While the rest of the world has gone about specializing and finding a niche within the world, I’ve spent my time trying to learn a little about everything.  While this has opened my world up to being able to interact with people from many walks of life and communicate very effectively, it’s also proved to be a double edged sword in my attempt to obtain any form of expertise or specialization.

Given this, I’ve never felt like I could offer the Internet anything better than what already exists.  The original intent of this blog was to migrate away from my putting my random musings and personal events up for the world to see, and actually talk about something meaningful and interesting.  In this case, I was hoping to talk about my passion for the sport of baseball and my career in video games.  Unfortunately, my passion for the sport of baseball statistics is not enough to overcome my shortcomings in my inability to actually perform the calculations necessary to create my own statistical analysis.  Sites such as The Hardball Times do a better job of statistical analysis than I ever could and there are enough quality baseball blogs to keep the world happy for a long time.  Even my small market Blue Jays have a near-saturated blogosphere.

While I love playing games, problem solving, finding creative solutions to mundane problems, and all the things that are required in a Game Designer, I still feel too green to comfortably critique and share my experience with the masses.  Perhaps several released titles down the road, I can always return to share what I’ve learned…but until then, it’s probably better for all if I keep quiet on the matters.  That said, I’m sure people can learn from inexperience just as well as experience… 🙂

There is also the possibility that I am not lacking a niche at all, but that I have just not correctly identified it.  Instead of sharing expertise in a few areas, maybe my competitive advantage is being able to share my random thoughts with the world.  I’ll try that direction for a while.  May God have mercy on your soul.


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